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Gauteng Metal Recyclers (Pty) Ltd, a leading Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metal Buyer in the Scrap Metal Recycling Industry, committed to responsible recycling. Established in 2006, and with many years of experience we can confidently offer the best service to our Clients. Our success is accredited to our unwavering belief that service within the industry is a top priority.

Here at Gauteng Metal Recyclers, we are big enough to handle any amount of scrap metal, specializing in bin placements and collections but also providing on-site cutting and clean-ups of all scrap metal. All our employees are safety trained and comply to the highest standard of work ethic ensuring that on-site work is done with the utmost efficiency.

GMR will always ensure that our clients are taken care of professionally and competitively.

We pride ourselves in our same day service promise: we guarantee that collections will be done the same day we receive the request to do so, also that payment and paperwork will be done within 24hours of receipt of the material.

Gauteng Metal Recyclers (Pty) Ltd services the Gauteng Region, including Pretoria.

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